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We (the creators at OPTe) run a WordPress hosting platform called OPTe Network, and would love for you to share in the success. Our service requires a subscription fee for every website, and we offer different plans for increased media storage, use of select add-ons in the built-in library, advanced functionality, and other quotas.

Partner with OPTe

We appreciate the people and companies who contribute to growing the WordPress community while keeping it an open source and collaborative environment. These values have led to the creation of many successful companies, including ours.

Furthermore, we recognize that retaining customers, distributing free software for a fee, and selling support subscriptions continues to be a challenge for everyone, especially with the rise of competing distribution channels. We would also like to acknowledge the value that many informational websites bring in supporting WordPress users.

As our way of giving back to the established partners of the WordPress industry, we are introducing our OPTe Partner Program. We have limited participation to those who fully comply with the GNU General Public License (GPL) – respecting the WordPress licensing, and WP resource websites who are contributing to the community’s success.

We look forward to engaging with our partners as we participate in the inevitable evolution of WordPress.

OPTe is a single source solution for creating WordPress websites that combines cutting-edge building blocks people pay for (WordPress hosting, theme & plugins, maintenance & service plans, technician support) at one low competitive price.

Our all-in-one solution is three fold:

1. Fully-hosted WordPress Platforms. Our multi-platform has three labels OPTe PERFORMER (DIY Design your own site), OPTe DESIGNER (Professional Web Designers-Builders, Affiliates), and OPTe TRADER (WooCommerce Shops).

2. Built-in Theme and Plugin Library. OPTe’s built-in-library is a curated collection of commercial themes and top-rated plugins. We save our users from the mistakes and struggles with trialing, third-party fees, maintaining, troubleshooting errors, and other technical tasks.

3. Support. Support now takes on a new appearance with the technical curve removed. Our engineers provide 1st tier support and can access any subsite to assess, advise, and/or implement the solution. Once discovered, we can solve any plugin error network wide and/or publish the answer for everyone. In addition to 1st tier website support, we provide free resources such as: informative blogs, pre-designed layouts, child themes, and plugins for everyone in the community to use.

From DIY to experienced users and design professionals, OPTe makes choosing the WordPress solution easier for everyone.

OPTe focuses on user Joy of Use and people are loving the new space! They choose OPTe Network because they can start creating their website immediately while utilizing the best of WordPress. They no longer have to gain the technical knowledge to manage a web server, deal with software sourcing and conflicts, or reduce/prevent security risks/threats.

Do-it-yourself (beginners to experienced users)
Many DIY users are choosing the online website creation space because of its ease of use. Novices often want the WordPress solution, however they find that choosing to build and maintain it themselves becomes too difficult and give up. OPTe Network bridges that gap.

The more experienced WP users appreciate our approach in combining the best of the independent version with the online space and are creating beautiful websites!

Design Professionals
OPTe Network supports enjoyable relationships between designers and clients by design. It solves many inherent problems which saves both parties time, money, and unnecessary frustration.

Before beginning to work on a client site, designers have many topics to discuss on top of website design such as third-party fees and services (hosting options, theme and plugin subscriptions), software conflicts, and performance issues. Let’s not even get started on client callbacks and support questions.

Designers and their clients choose OPTe so that they can focus their efforts on the project…a professional website.

Small Business Owners
Millions of small businesses still don’t have a website or are ready for re-design. Whether they create it themselves or hire an independent designer, OPTe makes it easier for small businesses to get a website going quickly.

OPTe is the company responsible for creating OPTe Network. We employ staff from all over the world and love WordPress. We respect and comply with the GPL and aim to be a noticeable contributor in the WordPress community over the next several decades.


We want to hear from you if your theme or plugin is included in our library, a WordPress contributor, or a resource website, and you fully support the GPL.

  • WordPress Contributors and Developers
  • WordPress Resource Sites
  • Theme and Plugin Authors (included in our library)
  • Commercial Theme or Plugin Companies (included in our library)

Referred visitor commission and revenue sharing opportunities are available, please get in touch for further details.


Please contact us if you wish to participate in OPTe’s Partner Program. Upon submission we will review your submission and get back to you timely.