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Build Professional Websites. Effortlessly.

Everything you need for a stunning WordPress website, in one place. No setup, no maintenance, just create.

Build with the Power of WordPress CMS,
Hosted and Enhanced

Never worry about data loss, low bandwidth,
updates, or upgrades. It’s maintenance free!

Easily activate free, pro, & premium plugins directly
from the library without paying subscription fees.
Get started with pre-designed Divi layouts or Astra Pro templates (themes included). Or, design from scratch.

WordPress Platform Features

Secure, Robust, Efficient.

Our WordPress Platform comes with a stack of inclusive features to create websites from the future.

WordPress CMS

Style, performance, and convenience all-in-one. Take your data whenever you like.

Free Staging Sites

Free staging site for 1-month. Upgrade later to publicize or migrate to stand-alone.

Automatic Page & Object Caching

Faster load times and less lag time keeps visitors actively engaged with your website.

Enterprise Security & SSL

Enterprise-grade security that’s always on to keep your site’s trust guarantee locked in.

Global Performance

Seamlessly connect to CloudFlare's Content Delivery Network and Automatic Platform Optimization for blazing global speeds.

Engineer Support

Get help with custom code, restore from backup, or migrate to stand-alone.

Commercial Themes Included

The popular Divi Visual Builder Theme and Astra Pro  are built-in from day one.

Premium Plugins Built-In

Curated library of the best-in-class free-pro version and commercial plugins. An inclusive feature which eliminates sourcing, technical decisions, and unexpected costs.

Divi Pre-designed Layouts

Start your design with Divi layouts! Easy to customize with 100s of layouts.

Astra Pro Starter Templates

230+ ready to import websites! Conversion optimized made with Astra and your favorite page builders.

Elementor Pro and Addons

Elementor Pro is the most advanced website builder plugin for WordPress, allowing you to visually design forms, posts, WooCommerce, slides and more.

WooCommerce and Extensions

Create the shop you want with the full range of WooCommerce extensions right of the box.

Earn 25% Recurring Commissions Forever

We Don't Just Pay You For The Initial Purchase Like Other Affiliate Programs. You Keep Earning Forever!

Earn commission on every sale from your referred customer, your client sites created on automatically count as a lifetime referral. Referred visitors are tracked for 30 days and commission is rewarded for new customers who complete a purchase.

Free to start,
with unlimited growth.

We strive to provide the highest value at the lowest cost by combining cutting edge building blocks with an all-in-one platform, everything your site needs at one all-inclusive price.


Best for Getting Started



Per month billed monthly


Upgrade later to publicize or migrate to stand-alone.


Best for Starter Sites



Per month,
billed annually


Per month,
billed monthly

  • Premium Themes
    Best-In-Class Plugins
    24/7 Priority Support
    Up to 10 Pages

Up to ten page micro-site suitable for starter sites and landing pages.


Best for Small Businesses



Per month,
billed annually


Per month,
billed monthly

  • Premium Themes
    Best-In-Class Plugins
    Advanced Functionality
    Up to 50 Pages
Standard size for small businesses with periodic blog posts.


Best for Growing Businesses



Per month,
billed annually


Per month,
billed monthly

  • Premium Themes
    Best-In-Class Plugins
    Basic ecommerce
    Up to 500 pages

Increased quotas for growing businesses with active marketing or ecommerce business.


Best for Limitless Creations



Per month,
billed annually


Per month,
billed monthly

  • Premium Themes
    Best-In-Class Plugins
    WooCommerce Extensions
    Unlimited pages

Start an online store with a powerful, flexible platform designed to grow with your business.

We’re here to help you create high-value sites for you and your clients.

Activate a new site online and start designing within minutes. No server management, no sourcing plugins, and no unexpected costs. Upgrade later to use a custom domain or migrate to stand-alone.