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On OPTe Network, we include the most popular plugin functionality within our sites automatically.

Additionally, you may choose from many hundreds of popular plugins (built-in), and simply activate them on your site from the plugin library.

Sourcing the best themes and plugins

OPTe Network includes a popular collection of leading themes and plugins which are kept up to date, so that your website is maintained.

Sourcing themes and plugins can be time consuming and cost money. There are tens of thousands of themes and plugins developed in the WordPress industry each year. It is very important to select, test, and ensure they are maintained.

Our users need not worry about installation, software updates, security, theme subscription fees, sourcing themes-plugins, or troubleshooting. We want you to be able to focus on creating the best website while using the full power of WordPress.

Built-in plugins

  • Security scanning
  • Advanced anti-spam security
  • Jetpack
    • Site stats (our version of Google Analytics)
    • Custom design (CSS editor)
    • Advanced galleries (tiled, mosaic, slideshows, and more)
    • Social Media (add social media buttons to your posts and pages)
    • Publicize, sharing, and likes
    • Comments (Let readers use, Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ accounts to comment)
    • Form builder (contact forms)
    • Photon (Speed up images and photos with CDN)
    • Related posts
    • Email subscriptions (Allow users to subscribe to your posts and comments and receive notifications via email)
    • Markdown
    • WP Smush Pro (Optimize, compress and resize your images without crushing quality)
    • login
    • Ads (Generate income with high-quality ads.) – requires Jetpack subscription
  • Video Tutorials (How to use WordPress)
  • Backup & Export (24/7 backup of your entire site)
  • Importer

Pre-activated plugins

  • Yoast SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Gravity Forms

Commercial and pro version plugins

OPTe Network includes a built-in library containing many commercially supported and pro version plugins that can be activated directly from the dashboard.   In some cases you may optionally choose to pay a fee to the plugin author or company (3rd party) for additional support and other services.

Want a plugin that’s not in OPTe’s collection?

We are the experts and spend endless hours sourcing the best WordPress plugins for you. From time to time our members request a plugin not in our collection.

If there is a plugin whose features that you feel would benefit users on OPTe, then please let us know in the ideas forum or contact us and make the request.  To be considered, it must be compatible with WP version 4.9.X. and available on the repository or a commercial plugin that complies with GNU GPL license.

In many cases we will suggest a plugin already available or provide a custom solution.

We handle enterprise-class caching, security, and backups for you already.

Need help with a plugin?

General plugin troubleshooting and support is provided by your friendly OPTe Engineers. More advanced support may be available from the plugin’s author. See the plugin’s documentation for details.