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An IP address is your address on the internet and is used to route all traffic between your computer and the websites and other internet services that you use. When you use we record your IP address, whether you are adding a post, a comment, or just reading an article.

Please read our privacy policy regarding the collection of IP addresses.

IP Address For Domain Mapping

When mapping an existing domain registered with another host, the host may ask for an IP Address instead of (or in addition to) our nameservers. When possible we encourage people to add our nameservers rather than IP addresses because our IPs can change over time. If your registrar requires A records, you can contact support and we’ll provide you with a list of our current IP addresses.

Please note that since the IPs we provide are not static, your domain might stop working at some point in the future. If that happens, please contact us again to find out the most current IPs and then update your A records.

Blocking IP Addresses

On occasion, we are asked to block an IP address if someone is posting unpleasant comments and/or is generally being annoying to you or other bloggers. Please note that we do not block IP addresses as it may inadvertently prevent other people from using

However, you can choose to blacklist an individual’s IP address from Settings -> Discussion in your site’s dashboard. This will send all comments from that individual directly into your spam queue.