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Do you already own a domain name? If you would like to use it here on OPTe Network all you need to do is point your existing domain to your site.
OPTe Designer also supports mapping subdomains (for example: instead of
(Haven’t purchased your custom domain yet? It’s easy.)

Domain Mapping

Domain Mapping is how your custom domain directs to this site. =

The first steps happen at your domain name’s registrar account. This is where you’ve purchased your custom domain.

Step 1. CNAME Host Record

Choose one of three options:

1. Create a CNAME Host Record At Your Domain Registrar:

  • Login to your domain name’s registrar account i.e. Namecheap.
  • Manage your domain ‘DNS’ and edit/create the following record:
  • Edit Host Record: CNAME | @ | or ( (
  • TTL: (Leave default)
  • Remove the existing A record that points to the current hosts IP address ( If your domain registrar restricts the A record from removal, proceed to option 2.

(It make take several hours before the new settings propagate. Go grab a coffee!)

2. Create a CNAME Host Record From Your CloudFlare Account

Recommended & It’s Free
We recommend using CloudFlare to manage your DNS – 5 minutes or less to setup.
In addition to DNS management, CF offers its Content Delivery Network, optimization tools, and an added security firewall.

To connect your custom domain using CF:

  • Create a free CloudFlare account
  • During the setup CF will detect your existing DNS records
  • Add Record: CNAME | @ | or ( (


Example Records: CNAME | TXT | MX


3. Support Request (24-48 Hrs)

We offer domain support to all upgraded sites. Please submit a support request and provide access to your domain

  • Godaddy: Grant OPTe Network access and our support staff will do the rest
  • If your registrar doesn’t allow more than one user account you will need to provide us with your login credentials. For your security we recommend changing your password to a random generated password
  • *Please indicate if you would like us to setup your free Cloudflare account.

Step 2. Map Your Domain

Back to your site’s Admin Dashboard! From your left-hand navigation menu, go to the Tools > Domain Mapping menu.

Screen Shot 2015-09-13 at 8.11.58 PM

In the ‘Map New Domain Name’ field below on this page, enter your custom domain and click  ‘Map Domain’. Done!
(If an error message is received, your settings have not yet been registered. Simply try again in a couple of hours.)