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What is OPTe Network?

OPTe Network is a single source online solution for creating WordPress websites. It’s a fully-hosted WordPress Platform that combines four key essentials (WordPress hosting, commercial themes, pro version plugins, & support) at one competitive price.

Anyone can simply activate a new site online and start designing within minutes bypassing: technical learning requirements, sourcing themes and plugins, troubleshooting errors, and paying 3rd party subscription fees and ongoing maintenance.

Who owns the content of website?

The content of the website: posts, custom posts, pages, media etc. belong to you the subscriber. Themes and plugins are components of OPTe. You always have the option to export your content & theme customizer settings, and plugin configurations (where available) if you want to rebuild your site on independent (self-hosted) WordPress.

What if I want a theme that is not on OPTe?

OPTe’s Theme Library includes hundreds of Commercially Supported GPL Themes for you to activate on your site. We maintain these themes network wide so you don’t have to. If you want us to add a Commercially Supported GPL Theme that is not in our library, send us a request.

If you’re migrating over your website and your current theme is not on OPTe, perhaps it’s time to upgrade to Divi Theme.

What if I need a plugin that is not on OPTe?

OPTe’s built-in library contains hundreds of the best free version, pro version, and commercial plugins/extensions/add-ons. If you want a plugin please let us know, we will either make it available or recommend an alternative.

Is my website backed up?

Yes. OPTe maintains regular backups and can restore any site that may run into accidental loss. Alternatively you may export your site content using the WordPress exporter and/or one provided by the theme. More

Do I need a caching plugin?

No and we purposely have left them out. OPTe Network is engineered to use enterprise-class server side caching technologies. We recommend users to utilize CloudFlare. CloudFlare’s free service provides numerous optimization tools such as a Content Delivery Network, script compression, SSL, and reverse caching.

Can I move my WordPress website to OPTe Network?

Yes and Not exactly. You can import your existing content into your new OPTe site but you can’t move your current theme or plugins. See Moving from a self-hosted version of WordPress

Does OPTe Network Respect GPL licensed software?

Yes we do. OPTe isn’t selling or distributing any software to our users. We provide a hosting service which requires a paid subscription for every website, and we offer different plans for increased media storage, advanced functionality, and other quotas. We subscribe to theme companies and pay for distribution and support just as any website owner might. Learn More

Can I move my WordPress site to another host?

Yes, and there maybe cases where you find it necessary to build your site with independent WordPress (self-host).

Steps to consider when moving your site to Independent WordPress:

  • Choose a Web Hosting company
  • Install and configure WordPress.
  • Source and configure the active theme and plugins. Commercial Themes/Plugins require a fee.
  • Export site content using the WordPress exporter and/or one provided by the theme.
  • Import the content and fix any source links pointing to image files.
  • Configure security and performance server-side and/or WordPress side.
  • Maintain the new installation, troubleshoot any conflicts, or hire a service company to maintain.

What happens if I don’t renew my subscription?

The site will become in-active when your subscription expires. Your site may be re-activated anytime up to one year directly from your site’s dashboard.

Manage your subscription, plan level, or update your credit card inside your site dashboard “Plan”

OPTe Solutions customers can manage their plan here.