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In general, we keep the following data about sites and users private. Note that we may have additional information for users who have purchased upgrades, as set forth in our privacy policy:

  • The email address used to create a site
  • First, last name and phone number (if a user elects to provide this information)
  • The IP address from which the site was created
  • The date and time when a site was created
  • The IP address and user-agent for any post or revision on a site
  • The email and IP addresses of anyone who has left a comment on a site
  • Address (if a user has registered a custom domain through
  • The PayPal transaction information for any upgrades that are purchased for a site (this does not include credit card, bank account, or address information)
  • Other information disclosed in our privacy policy

This data is accessible to:

  • Our employees and contractors
  • Lawyers, courts, and government agencies (provided they comply with our policies for requesting such information, which may be found in our Legal Guidelines).

If you want to avoid the above data being revealed in legal proceedings and would prefer an anonymous blogging service, please do NOT use as your blogging/website service. If you are in a dispute with an anonymous blogger/site operator and are looking for data about them, please note that we do not disclose private user data to other users or visitors to sites without the appropriate documentation as outlined in our Legal Guidelines.