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version 4.15 ( updated 03-17-2022 )
– Added the new Background Masks design setting. Background Masks frame your backgrounds to create new shapes and visual effects.
– Added the new Background Patterns design setting. Background Patterns overlay your background elements, adding texture to your page.
– Added new Background Image Size option.
– Added new Background Image Offset options to allow for background image position adjustment.
– The “Place Gradient Above Background Image” option now works with parallax background images.
– Copying and pasting background options will now work correctly between standard and specialty sections.
– Fixed duplication issue when multiple output elements are added on the same Woo module.
– Fixed builder being laggy after adjusting draggable sizing.
– Fixed PHP warning when Contains conditional logic for Custom Field is being used and the second custom field value is empty.
– Fixed module animation doesn’t work when Popup Maker plugin is active.

version 4.14.9 ( updated 03-10-2022 )
– Fixed a compatibility issue with WP Offload Media where one of the plugin’s methods was renamed causing a fatal error in our products.
– Exposed hasValue helper for third-party extensions.
– Fixed search module input placeholder hidden with field text alignment set to right.
– Fixed a bug which were causing Background Settings on Responsive mode to not display properly on some cases.
– PHP 7.4 or higher is now recommended for performance and security reasons. Divi Help & Support Center’s System Status card has been updated to reflect this.
– Fixed Presets pop-up window overflow issue when items exceeded viewport height.
– Changed ‘Improve Google Fonts Loading’ option default to ‘off’.